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Prepacked Catering

Catering Service

Simple catering option for anyone who's busy or not sure what to order. Pick any item from our variety menu and tell us the size of your party, then we'll take it from there! Small changes are always welcome. Recommended for parties, game nights, corporate catering and more.

Private Chef

Chef Making Flambe

Ultimate catering experience. The service includes not only our great food but live cooking experience by our chefs. From an event to a dinner with you loved ones, the service is perfect for your special day.

Custom Catering

Stoocked Buffet

Full customizable catering option for your special events, party, family gathering and all other occasions! Any special visions/preference you have, our chefs will make them happen and deliver you the high-quality food.

Speciality Catering

Sushi Platter

Sushi catering and BBQ Smoked meat catering. Spice up your catering service with our chef's specialities.

Catering Ideas

Corporate Breakfast/Lunch

With our prepacked/custom catering, we will deliver well deserved delicious dish to your company.

Buffet style and/or Bento box style.

Dinner at Home

A little special dinner with comfort of your own home. With our Private chef service, have freshly cooked dishes for your party/event.

Party with Family/Friends

Prepackaged catering for last-minute party, and/or Customize&Speciality catering for well planed event.

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